Endress+Hauser is continuously investing in manufacturing excellence. Here in the United States we have ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facilities and ISO 17025 certified calibration capability to help us deliver our core competency - the most innovative, highest quality measurement devices.


Endress+Hauser Flowtec USA
Greenwood, Indiana


Endress+Hauser flow measurement systems offer optimum solutions to match your individual requirements for applications in gases, vapors, conductive or non-conductive liquids, for mass or volumetric flow measurement.  


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Endress+Hauser (USA) Automation Instrumentation Inc. - Greenwood, Indiana


Endress+Hauser offers an extensive range of systems for level measurement or point level detection. In solids or liquids - our level measurement principles meet your needs.



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Endress+Hauser Wetzer (USA) Inc.
Greenwood, Indiana


Temperature measurement is a critical factor in maintaining quality and controlling operational costs. Endress+Hauser temperature instrumentation provides accurate and reliable measurement, plant availability and improved production time. 


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Endress+Hauser Conducta Inc.
Anaheim, California


We have the capability to provide solutions ranging from a single custom component, to an entire analytical product portfolio. The unequalled breadth of instruments allows our customers to reduce overall costs by partnering with us single source supplier.


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ISO Certification

Endress+Hauser is dedicated to quality and continuous quality improvement. The quality assurance system supporting this policy statement is based on ISO9001 and ISO/IEC17025.

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