Endress+Hauser offers accredited lab and field calibration

Instruments that aren’t part of a regular calibration program run the risk of operating out of tolerance. Small deviations can add up to tens of thousands of dollars depending on the materials, throughput and production schedule.


For example, a temperature transmitter that indicates 284°F steam temperature when the actual temperature is 286°F can cost a company $10,000 per year. The 2°F temperature difference would amount to 44 lb of wasted steam per hour. If the unit operated for 5,000 hours per year, the inaccuracy would cost 44 lb/hr x 5000 hr x $0.045/lb of steam equal to $10,120 per year.

Calibration ensures instrument measurement is accurate and within the limits required to produce a quality product. This helps reduce overall business costs by minimizing quality fluctuations and associated costs. For some processes, periodic calibration to NIST standards is a requirement to comply with both quality and safety standards.

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Four ways to get started with Endress+Hauser Calibration Services:

  1. Contact your local sales representative.  Search Representatives by zip code here.

  2. Download a Calibration Datasheet (DOC 74,0 kB) and email it to techsupport@us.endress.com.
  3. Call us at 1-800-642-8737.
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Endress+Hauser earns ISO 17025 certification for laboratory and field calibrations from A2LA

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A2LA accredited calibration facilities are located in Greenwood, IN and LaPorte, TX. Accreditation covers both laboratory calibrations in Greenwood and LaPorte as well as field calibrations at a customer’s location.  Endress+Hauser is the only process instrument manufacturer with the ability to provide both lab and field accredited calibrations.


The scope of accreditation includes the principles of flow, pressure and temperature for both laboratory and on-site calibration. Also included within the scope are electrical parameters associated with current, voltage, resistance and frequency pertaining to internal laboratory calibration. Endress+Hauser flow calibration laboratories are the most accurate in the country.  Please refer to the Scope of Accreditation for specific measuring capabilities by visiting www.a2la.org (search “accredited organizations” for Endress+Hauser).
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