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Optimize the filling of your tanker with reliable flow meter

Avoid intensive labor and inaccuracies

The objective is obviously safe, optimized filling as well as maximum vehicle payload. Without a reliable flow meter to provide totalized flow rate, the operation becomes labor intensive and potentially inaccurate via tank level or even manual sight glass readings. Today, advanced knowledge has allowed improved understanding of individual flow meter technology behaviors in relation to flowing fluid conditions.

Aiding the transition

Tanker filling with Endress+Hauser flow meter ©Endress+Hauser

Older flow meter technologies function as two-wire devices utilizing only loop-power. Modern flow meters operate on the vortex and electromagnetic measuring principles and have been available in two-wire and loop-power for some time. The world’s first two-wire, loop powered inline ultrasonic flow meter was introduced in 2006 and the first true, two-wire and loop-powered Coriolis meter was introduced in the summer of 2010.

Greater reliability and accuracy

  • No moving parts exposed to the process fluid

  • A wide operational range

  • Fluid property independence

  • Bi-directional flow meter

  • Simplified pipe-work installation

  • Maintenance-free operation

  • Reduced cost of ownership: power supply and cabling, requirements are minimized

  • Ability to advance the plant controls platform through HART and Profibus

Explore your various possibilities

  • Coriolis: multivariable metering allows all fluids to be measured at the same time

  • Vortex: used to measure volume flow of liquids, gases and steam. Combined with pressure and/or temperature sensor and a flow computer helps save energy and allocate costs across multiple consumers

  • Ultrasonic: used to measure the volume flow of any liquid, regardless of electrical conductivity. Two types of sensors: clamp-on sensores and inline sensors.

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