Basic Instrumentation School

Course #I101 - 16 hours

This hands-on introductory course to instrumentation will start by providing maintenance and engineering personnel with a basic understanding of wiring, signals, instrumentation technologies, applications and installations. Fundamental operation of the common instruments found in today's process industries will be examined from a view applicable to virtually any manufacturer's equipment. Typical troubleshooting procedures for instrumentation will be covered and practiced.

  • Learn about the hands-on training sessions available at our PTU® (Process Training Unit) network locations


  • Flow Instrumentation - dP, Magnetic, Vortex, Coriolis

  • Recording and display instruments

  • Level Instrumentation - point level and continuous level

  • Liquid Analysis Instrumentation - pH/ORP, Conductivity, analyzers

  • Pressure Instrumentation - gauge, absolute, differential, hydrostatic

  • Temperature sensors and transmitters


  • Recognize the various type of process instrumentation found in processes of all types of industry

  • Understand basic Piping & Instrument Drawings (P&ID), how instruments are installed and wired

  • Properly install and commission common process instruments

  • Troubleshoot instrumentation loops to determine malfunctioning elements within the loop and determine best how to repair the loop to operating condition

Who should attend?

  • Engineering and maintenance personnel

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