Anaerobic digestion

Optimize biogas production with accurate real-time monitoring

Anaerobic Digesters at Water/wastewater facility ©Endress+Hauser

Many utilities and industries today face increasing pressure to lower costs and improve sustainability. Reducing electrical usage — or even selling electricity back to the grid — helps to accomplish both of these goals, and anaerobic digesters may play a part in doing so. Water Online spoke with Alan Vance, Industry Manager- Environmental, of Endress+Hauser about anaerobic digestion and ways WWTPs optimize their facility. Download the Q&A to learn more!

Questions asked

  • How do anaerobic digesters work to produce energy?

  • What conditions must be maintained to keep anaerobic digesters operating properly?

  • What problems occur when an anaerobic digester gets “out of sorts?”

  • Which are the most important parameters to monitor to ensure optimum biogas production?

  • Which methods are typically used to analyze and record these parameters?

And more!