IIoT and sensing on the edge

Modern instrumentation provides plenty of information—here’s how to get it into IIoT software

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Endress+Hauser estimates that of the 40 million of its process instruments installed worldwide, 90% are digital, smart devices. These smart instruments provide an incredible amount of information at “the Edge” that is of immense benefit to a wide range of host systems and IIoT applications, such as maintenance management, asset management, inventory control, MES, ERP, etc. But one major problem facing industrial plants is: How do we manage all this data?

Handling data

Modern instruments provide a wealth of information about their health and the process they’re monitoring, but few plants use all that data. Today, major instrument manufacturers are providing hardware and software solutions that bring all the data available at the edge to IIoT software for analysis and corrective actions. Learn what Endress+Hauser is doing to help its customers manage their data.