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Never underestimate overpressure

Understanding overpressure can help minimize costly process challenges

Pressure transmitter, PMD75 , EDP ©Endress+Hauser

Pressure is one of the most commonly measured variables in the process industries. Modern pressure instruments are highly accurate and provide excellent long-term stability, with a variety of diagnostics to provide greater insight into the process, but they are still highly susceptible to the overpressure events. By better understanding the application and the sources of overpressure, process owners can better avoid the possibility of costly process problems caused by overpressure.

Avoiding overpressure

Overpressure occurs when excessive pressure is applied to one, or both in the case of differential pressure, of the instrument's sensor diaphragms. This can be either directly to the process diaphragm of the instrument, or to a diaphragm seal either directly connected to the instrument, or remotely connected via a capillary with a non-compressible fill fluid. Typically, there are three main causes of overpressure in a process. To learn what they are and how to avoid them, click the link below!