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Developments solve sensor problems in food & bev industry

Recent developments cure condensation and drift of pressure sensors subjected to CIP/SIP processes

Pressure instrument with tri-clamp connection for hygienic industries ©Endress+Hauser

Pressure measurements in food & bev production are typically focused on monitoring and controlling line pressures, tank levels and flows. Because pressure is used in these three common applications, it is one of the most widely used measurements throughout the process industries. When exposed to clean in place/sterilize in place (CIP/SIP) processes, pressure sensors can be compromised. This article explores solutions for condensation and calibration drift caused by CIP/SIP and other factors.

Solutions to pressure challenges

Food and beverage facility operators are faced with numerous challenges when operating processes to meet strict regulatory requirements while producing safe products with consistent quality. Reliable pressure measurement is critical to allowing facility operators to successfully meet these challenges. Solutions such as condensation resistant pressure sensors and universal process connections address leading pressure measurement issues, providing more uptime and increased throughput.