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Instrumentation for Produced Water Applications

Fracking brings up produced water which must be cleaned before being released into the environment

Fracking and other drilling operations bring up large amounts of “produced water”

A new well will produce a relatively small percentage of water; however, as the well ages the ratios change. At the end of a well’s life, as much as 98% of the recovered liquids could be water. To help maintain targets, hydrocarbon extraction needs to be as efficient as possible. To stay within regulatory compliance with produced water, it’s necessary to trust the analytical equipment and instrumentation used to process the water.

Reduce your time, effort and produced water processing costs

Produced water processing involves a number of mechanical and chemical processing steps. A range of measurement technologies including level, flow, pressure, temperature, conductivity, pH, ORP, chlorine and iron analysis are required. Most produced water applications pose challenges in terms of measurement of various parameters, and these challenges will often require expert advice. Having one supplier who can provide all the required sensor technology reduces your time, effort and cost.