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Modern level devices offer safer, more efficient compliance

Advanced guided wave radar technology provides electronic verification of operation, reducing risk

Top of the tank's roof, smart level instruments no longer require operators to climb up ©Corbis RF/Strandperle

Oil & gas and chemical companies have tank inventory measurement points requiring compliance testing and periodic calibration of level instrumentation per industry regulations. Traditionally, these calibrations have required a company to dispatch an employee to the top of the tank roof with a portable level gauge. Download the white paper to learn how smart level instruments have improved with calibration and verification helping to reduce operational safety risks.

Benefits of smart level instruments

  • Reduced safety risk

  • Electronic verification

  • GWR level measurement technologies include internal enhanced and advanced diagnostics

  • Monitors the pulse, check sum RAM, cycle time, probe breakage and terminal voltage

  • Incorporates NAMUR NE107 standard

  • Self-device check

  • And more!