Oil terminal gains efficiency with high-capacity flowmeter

Promass X Coriolis flowmeter improves crude oil production process

Oil terminal, tank farm

Production of crude oil in the U.S. is expected to increase dramatically, putting pressure on terminals, tank farms and pipeline distribution facilities. One of the main issues is restrictions in flow caused by conventional flowmeters. Such meters are large, heavy, must have upstream dirt filters, wear out expensive rotating parts, require regular maintenance, don’t work with gas, and are not “smart” instruments. Coriolis flowmeters can handle the challenges and the increased flow.

Four-tube Coriolis flowmeters

A four-tube Coriolis flowmeter has advantages over mechanical meters. Advantages include:

  • Measurement is independent of density, viscosity and flow profile

  • Provides both volume and mass flow rate

  • Typically handles higher temperature and pressure

  • Better turndown

  • No regular maintenance required

  • No upstream piping

  • Best basic accuracy of any oil field meter

  • Patented Reynolds number corrections

  • Advanced diagnostics, process monitoring and built-in verification

  • And more!