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Deploying IIoT sensors and networks in remote locations

IIoT systems add value within a plant and are a natural fit for data gathering in the field

Traditional methods for monitoring surface water require researcher travel to challenging sites ©Endress+Hauser

Smart sensor and device installations are flourishing everywhere, forming the basic building blocks of any internet of things (IoT) initiative. Applying IoT capabilities can be a useful way to monitor and even initiate control for consumer applications like home temperature, lighting, and sprinkler controls. When smart devices are made tougher and connected securely over the internet, they can function as key components in the industrial IoT (IIoT).

Water matters

Monitoring the condition of the world’s surface water is a useful and worthy endeavor. We all need and use water every day and are made aware through information channels of the many ways worldwide that water resources have been polluted. The consequences of polluted water are many. Good monitoring practices can identify these issues early so they can be addressed before more serious conditions develop. Read more about the consequences of water pollution and what can be done to prevent issues!