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How do you determine when to calibrate a flowmeter?

Setting up a calibration plan that follows best practices in flow calibration

Man sitting in front of a computer overlooking plant getting informtion from asstes on the screen ©Endress+Hauser

Failure to calibrate flowmeters can negatively impact performance, while calibrating too frequently can result in excessive costs without providing any benefits. A flowmeter that is not measuring properly can cause many problems. In a custody-transfer application involving crude oil or natural gas, even the smallest error can cost a customer millions of dollars a year. In a food processing plant, a similar error can adversely affect the quality and safety of food products.

Improve your operations and save money

Thanks to advances in flowmeter diagnostics and instrument management software, the increasing availability of nearby calibration labs and portable calibration rigs, and the willingness of instrument vendors to help users with calibration, setting up a flow calibration plan based on best practices is much easier than in the past. Once set up, the flow calibration plan will improve operations and save money by making sure all flowmeters are calibrated only when necessary.