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Flow monitoring in process cooling applications

Monitoring key parameters of your application help identify problems and improve efficiency

Flowmeter in process cooling application ©Endress+Hauser

Installing instrumentation on process cooling and refrigeration systems and then processing the data with specialized software will help maintenance and plant operators detect problems, such as leaks. Analysis of the data can also calculate load factors, detect peaks in demand, reduce start/stop cycles or run the system at the most efficient time. Download the white paper to learn more about monitoring flow across different industries that require cooling and refrigeration.

Process cooling systems

In direct cooling systems, the medium which requires cooling (air) is in direct contact with the evaporator. Indirect cooling systems use a secondary medium—a refrigerant—to transport cooling energy to the point of use. Refrigeration and cooling energy accounts for a proportion of energy costs in many industries. Reduced energy consumption can lead to significant cost savings.