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Best practices for Coriolis flowmeter proving

Recommendations for proving the Proline Promass Coriolis flowmeters using a ball prover or small volume prover

prover system for proline promass coriolis flowmeters ©Endress+Hauser

Promass flowmeters are extremely accurate and can achieve consistent proving results with ball provers and small volume provers. With attention to detail, users can obtain the optimal repeatability and accuracy that the meter is capable of. The guidelines in this report help users achieve the best proving results possible when proving a Promass Coriolis flowmeter.

Getting the most from your proving process

Using a ball prover or small volume prover can bring up a number of questions. Users may need to know flowmeter operating conditions and sizing, prover sizing and considerations, proper meter configuration, and more. This article serves as a reference guide to cover those questions and to enable users to get the most out of their promass coriolis flowmeters.