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Reliable multipoint temp profiling in hydro-processing units

Advanced temp measurement technology leads to cleaner, safer, more profitable downstream operations.

multipoint thermocouple probe designs for hydro-processing ©Endress+Hauser

In the refining industry, catalytic hydro-processing element — such as hydrotreater, hydrodesulfurization, and hydrocracker units — rely on high-performance catalyst technologies to maximize product conversion. Multipoint temperature instruments with thermocouple sensors are widely used in the industry - however, most multipoint thermocouple probe designs have two major weaknesses: reliability and size.

Thermocouple sensor designs address process issues

New sensor technology, like Endress+Hauser's iTHERM ProfileSens TS901 multipoint cable probes, offer advances in probe design, sensor routing and mounting hardware. In addition to improved process safety, control and reliability, this new technology also unlocks profitability potential. For example, the newer design increases the usable catalyst bed volume by 50 percent and cuts installation time by 75 percent.