Level School - Introductory & Advanced Combination Course

Course #L-101/L-102 - 32 hours

Take a deep look into level measuring technology and learn about proper configuration, calibration and troubleshooting techniques in this comprehensive training course.


  • See our L-101 and L-102 pages for a full description of the content


  • Recognize a broad variety of level technologies and understand the strengths and limitations of each

  • Work with instrumentation specialists to specify the best type of level technology for a variety of applications

  • Set up and commission E+H level instruments from point level switches to radar gauges

  • Use on-board and pc-based tools within E+H instruments to verify the health of the instrument and its signals

  • Diagnose and correct problems with capacitance, ultrasonic and radar level systems

Who should attend?

  • Maintenance and engineering personnel