Coriolis Flow School

Course #F-103 - 8 hours

This Coriolis flow course (8 hours) will start by providing maintenance and engineering personnel with a basic understanding of the Coriolis principle. This basic portion will focus on concepts applicable to virtually any manufacturer's equipment. Following this introduction, we will proceed with in-depth training on density and concentration measurements. This class will be a combination of classroom and hands-on training in our PTU® (Process Training Unit).


  • Flow Technology Overview

  • Field Tooling

  • Coriolis Basics

  • Applications

  • Entrained Air

  • Density Measurements

  • Zero Points


  • Proper mass flow installation

  • Set up and commission Coriolis flow meters

  • Use on-board and pc-based tools verify the health of the instrument and its signals

  • Diagnose and correct problems with Coriolis flow meters

Who should attend?

  • Maintenance and engineering personnel


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  • Flow Fundamentals

  • Coriolis Fundamentals

  • Electromagnetic Fundamentals

  • Level Fundamentals

  • Time of Flight Fundamentals

  • Pressure Fundamentals

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