Instrumentation Technology School

Course #I-102 - 32 hours

This extended course in process instrumentation will provide maintenance and engineering personnel with a deeper understanding of the principles explored in our Basic Instrumentation School (I101). Fundamental and detailed operation of the common instruments and applications found in today's process industries will be examined from a view applicable to virtually any manufacturer's equipment. Typical troubleshooting procedures for instrumentation will be covered and practiced.

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  • Flow Instrumentation - dP, Magnetic, Vortex, Coriolis

  • Recording and display instruments

  • Level Instrumentation - point level and continuous level

  • Liquid Analysis Instrumentation - pH/ORP, Conductivity, analyzers

  • Pressure Instrumentation - gauge, absolute, differential, hydrostatic

  • Temperature sensors and transmitters

  • Control Valves & final elements


  • Recognize the various type of process instrumentation found in processes of all types of industry

  • Understand basic Piping & Instrument Drawings (P&ID), how instruments are installed and wired

  • Properly install and commission common process instruments

  • Troubleshoot instrumentation loops to determine malfunctioning elements within the loop and determine best how to repair the loop to operating condition

Who should attend?

  • Maintenance and engineering personnel


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  • Flow Fundamentals

  • Coriolis Fundamentals

  • Electromagnetic Fundamentals

  • Level Fundamentals

  • Time of Flight Fundamentals

  • Pressure Fundamentals

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