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Level School - Advanced

Course #L-102 - 16 hours

The Advanced Level School begins with a brief review of current level technologies. Following the technology refresher, we will proceed to look deeper at each level measuring technology discussing then implementing proper techniques of configuration and calibration and troubleshooting. There will be an emphasis on an in depth understanding of Time of Flight, ToF technologies and envelope curves. This class will primarily be focused on hands-on training at our PTU® (Process Training Unit).

Learn about the hands-on training sessions available at our PTU® (Process Training Unit) network locations


  • Radar programming and trouble-shooting

  • Capacitance programming and calculations

  • Ultrasonic programming and trouble shooting

  • Pressure and differential pressure linearization

  • Guided radar programming and trouble shooting

  • Envelope curve diagnosis

  • Endress+Hauser ToF and FieldCare


  • Install instrument properly (wiring and sensor location)

  • Perform configuration of level devices via local interface, PC, and HART

  • Diagnosis of envelope curves using ToF software

  • Make practical changes to level measuring device filters for process problems

  • Work with instrumentation specialists to specify the best type of level technology for a variety of applications

Who should attend?

  • Designed for engineers and maintenance personnel that have successfully completed the Introductory Level School (L101)

  • Users with competence on "time of flight” level instrumentation and pc based TOF software


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  • Flow Fundamentals

  • Coriolis Fundamentals

  • Electromagnetic Fundamentals

  • Level Fundamentals

  • Time of Flight Fundamentals

  • Pressure Fundamentals

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