Basic Pressure School

Course #P-100 - 8 hours

This introductory course will by provide maintenance and engineering personnel with a basic understanding of numerous pressure technologies. This basic portion will focus on concepts applicable to virtually any manufacturer's equipment, as well as the skills needed to set up and maintain such equipment. Introductions and lectures on the technologies will be followed with in-depth demonstrations and hands-on training exercises.


  • Pressure Transmitters

  • Differential Pressure Transmitters - Flow and Level

  • Diaphragm Seals

  • Communication Tools & Methods


  • Recognize a broad variety of pressure technologies and understand the strengths and limitations of each

  • Work with instrumentation specialists to specify the best type of pressure technologies for a variety of applications

  • Set up and commission pressure devices

  • Use commonly accepted communications tools to set up and verify the health of the instrument and its signals, as well as diagnose and correct problems

Who should attend?

  • Maintenance and engineering personnel


Not sure if this course is right for you? Take the following free assessments through the Process Training Portal:

  • Flow Fundamentals

  • Coriolis Fundamentals

  • Electromagnetic Fundamentals

  • Level Fundamentals

  • Time of Flight Fundamentals

  • Pressure Fundamentals

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