Certified PROFIBUS PA Engineer Training

Course #C-201 - 24 PDH hours

This program is officially recognized by PROFIBUS International and represents a worldwide training standard. During the first three days trainees gain a thorough base of knowledge regarding PROFIBUS PA and parts of DP technology. On the fourth day, the program finishes with an exam. The lessons build upon each other in a way that the depth of the course steadily intensifies while core topics are brought home through repetition and the participant's personal hands-on experience.

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  • PROFIBUS organization, competence center, structure

  • Introduction to digital communications and PROFIBUS basics (token passing, master/slave, messages, etc.)

  • DP/PA links and comparisons, installation instructions, components, termination and cycle time calculations

  • Voltage and current calculation of a PA segment

  • Device integration

  • Commissioning/selection of module, slots

  • PROFIBUS DP protocol


  • Learn how to wire a bus segment (DP/PA) and commission with an acyclic tool

  • Understand cyclic communication, data handling, programming of function blocks, and physical signal measurement on DP and PA

  • Complete exercises on interpreting signal quality, measuring current and voltage, handling PROFIBUS DP implementation and commissioning a demo plant

  • Learn about device integration into different PLC systems (like ABB, Siemens, ControlCare, Rockwell etc.)

  • Gain familiarity with troubleshooting tools like ProfiTrace

Who should attend?

  • Advisors and consultants

  • System integrators

  • Programmers

  • Plant engineer

  • Maintenance people


There are no prerequisites for joining the course, It is, however, recommended that the attendee has basic knowledge of following:

  • Terms which are common in industrial automation (PLC, remote, I/O, etc.)

  • Terms which are common in electrical engineering (resistance, voltage, etc.)

  • Capable of working with Windows-based applications