Gas processing

Monitoring contaminants throughout the gas treatment process

SpectraSensors tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) analyzers measure H2S, CO2, and H2O at critical points in the gas treatment process. These measurements help plant operators  improve process control, meet stringent product specifications, mitigate corrosion damage, and reduce operating costs.

Natural Gas Treatment Process


Molecular sieve dehydration

Trace level H2O measurements at the outlet of molecular sieve vessels help control the dehydration process and ensure the gas meets the low H2O concentration (< 0.1 ppm) required in NGL extraction and liquefied natural gas (LNG) production. 

Amine treatment & gas sweetening

H2S and CO2measurements at the inlet and outlet of amine treatment unit to control the process and ensure treated gas meets specifications for transmission pipelines.

Natural gas liquid (NGL) fractionation products

H2O, H2S, and CO2 measurements in NGL fractionation products (ethane, propane, and butane) ensure these products meet purity specifications as feedstocks for downstream petrochemical production. 

Acid gas to sulfur recovery unit

H2S measurement in acid gas fed to a sulfur recovery unit (SRU) is essential for optimizing the oxidation process occurring inside the SRU 

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Monitoring contaminants is critical for process optimization and gas quality

SpectraSensors, Inc with its TDLAS analyzers was acquired by Endress+Hauser in 2012. Kaiser Optical Systems was also acquired bringing the Raman-based Optograf spectrometer to the portfolio.