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Monitoring contaminants in refinery gas streams for process control and environmental compliance

SpectraSensors tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) analyzers monitor H2S and H2O in refinery gas streams for improved operational efficiency, process yields, and compliance with environmental regulations.

Key Applications

  • H2O and H2S in the hydrogen recycle stream of a catalytic reformer unit

  • H2S in refinery fuel gas and flare gas

  • H2O in the feed stream to HF alkylation units

  • H2S in propane-propylene mixtures from a fluid catalytic cracker (FCC)

  • H2S and H2O in propane and propylene products from a C3 splitter

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Typical analytes and measuring ranges

  • Analyte: H2S - Range: 0-10 to 0-300 ppmv

  • Analyte: H2O - Range: 0-10 to 0-500 ppmv

Unique benefit

  • Lower cost of ownership

  • Safer to operate

  • No disposal costs

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  • Measuring composition and impurities in refinery gases to optimize process and hydrogen quality

    SpectraSensors, Inc with its TDLAS analyzers was acquired by Endress+Hauser in 2012. Kaiser Optical Systems was also acquired bringing the Raman-based Optograf spectrometer to the portfolio.

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