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Detecting water carryover in natural gas

Instrumentation improves control of the water removal process from natural gas

Natural gas well with piping

Natural gas, as it comes from a well, contains water. Before transferring the gas into a pipeline for distribution, as much water as possible must be removed to eliminate carryover, with any remaining water detected to alert operators. This article first discusses the methods used to remove water from gas. It then describes how modern instrumentation is used to accurately measure gas transferred into the pipeline, and to help detect any water carryover after the removal process.

Flowmeter innovations

The Prosonic Flow G 300/500 ultrasonic flowmeter measures the flow of natural gas and other process media. The Prosonic Flow G has built-in pressure and temperature sensors. The input from these sensors is combined with measured sound velocities to calculate the compensated flow, and the pressure and temperature measurements can be transmitted separately via one of two digital communication links: HART imposed on the flowmeter’s 4-20 mA mass flow process variable output or Modbus RS485.