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Advanced bioprocess control

Nicro provides turnkey solutions for fermenters

From time consuming sample analysis to real-time monitoring of critical parameters in fermentation processes thanks to complete solutions from hardware to development and analytical services.

real-time monitoring of critical parameters in fermentation processes ©Endress+Hauser

In-line monitoring of metabolites during fermentation processes with Raman spectroscopy

The results

  • Safe operation and time saving thanks to in-line process monitoring of metabolites without the need for offline sampling

  • Improved process control leading to optimised production and increased yield

  • Complete packaged solution for fermentation

Adriana Lepur, Head of Microbiology Laboratory

While on-line monitoring the bioprocess I could pinpoint a time when bacteria switched from one carbon source to the other – the optimal time point to introduce feed and ultimately increase yield.

PhD Adriana Lepur, Head of Microbiology Laboratory
BICRO BIOCentre Ltd, Zagreb, Croatia

The customer challenge

A typical indicator of fermentation progress is the lack of dissolved oxygen in the media which gives an estimation of the process duration. Optical density and metabolites may also be monitored for a better insight into the process. Concentration of metabolites would usually be measured off-line with time consuming chromatographic techniques and therefore would require samples. This can also bring a potential risk of contamination and lead to the loss of a valuable batch.

Our solution

Nicro combined their competencies together with BIOCentre and Endress+Hauser to provide a complete packaged solution for fermentation processes. It includes:

  • Engineering and design of complete fermentation system from Nicro

  • A Raman Rxn analyzer and Rxn-45 probe from Endress+Hauser

  • Analytical Services from BIOCentre supported by S-PACT modelling services