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Analytik Jena develops device for disinfection of N95 masks

Endress+Hauser company in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic

Publication date: 03/31/2020

Ultraviolet-based disinfection application

The application note, “Ultraviolet-based Disinfection for the Inactivation of Viruses on Respirator Masks”, was created in a direct response to the shortage of N95 masks. Several private sector companies have committed to making surgical masks to protect healthcare workers but have not communicated how they will meet the rigorous NIOSH particle filtration standards. While some of these efforts are well-intentioned a more desirable approach is the irradiation and reuse of existing N95 masks.

Safety for healthcare professionals

In an interview, Michael Diaz, Application Scientist of Analytik Jena US, said, “Until recently, a hospital approved UV germicidal irradiation (UVGI) protocol for masks was not available. We hope that health workers do not routinely resort to reusing masks, but if they do, then they can be rest assured that integrating our UVP Crosslinker into a hospital approved UVGI workflow, will generate reproducible results that are scalable, and safe for the end user.”

Supporting business continuity

Monde Qhobosheane, President & CEO of Analytik Jena US, previously released a statement to their partners, customers and suppliers, “As we all continue to monitor the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation closely, we wanted to reach out and share the actions Analytik Jena US is taking to ensure your safety and what we are doing to address your business concerns. We are implementing steps globally to both protect our employees and support our business continuity.”

More about Analytik Jena

Analytik Jena is a provider of high-end analytical measuring technology, of instruments and products in the fields of biotechnology and molecular diagnostics, as well as of high-quality liquid handling and automation technologies. For detailed information and to read the full press release, please click here.

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