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Water recovery simplified through committed partnership

Endress+Hauser supplies dependable products and technical expertise for Clearas' ABNR system

Clearas Water Recovery's patented treatment platform, Advanced Biological Nutrient Recovery (ABNR) technology, is highly modular and scalable, providing a sustainable approach to cleaning water. The Clearas system consists of three core phases: the blend phase, the nutrients recovery phase and the separation phase. For optimal results, Clearas has partnered with Endress+Hauser for dependable products and reliable technical expertise.

The benefits Clearas saw working with Endress+Hauser

  • Ease of integration with system

  • Extremely accurate measurement

  • Dependable quality

  • Reliable and cost efficient

  • Service support

  • Clearas Water Recovery is a team of engineers, innovators and problem solvers. They design, build and operate next-generation ABNR solutions to deliver high quality wastewater
    treatment to its partner-clients at the lowest cost of ownership. Clearas ensures partner-clients success and support in engineering, biological processes and systems management.

  • Jordan Lind, CEO of Clearas Water Recovery
    “We needed people to rely on and Endress+Hauser is a world class level company and has offered its technology, expertise and technical skills."

    Jordan Lind

    CEO, Clearas Water Recovery

  • Kevin McGraw, Operations Manager & Clearas Co-Founder
    "We are so excited to have Endress+Hauser engaged, now I do not need to worry about doing it all myself."

    Kevin McGraw

    Operations Manager & Co-Founder, Clearas Water Recovery

Seeking value and reliability

The implementation of wastewater treatment technology like Clearas’ ABNR system requires attention to detail and exacting control of process constituents throughout. From past experience, it was clear to Clearas they needed best-in-class instrumentation to maximize success of client operations. Endress+Hauser products were a natural fit with the outstanding longevity, dependability, and value Clearas was looking for.

Realizing a technological change

Both the CEO, Jordan Lind, and Operations Manager/Co-Founder, Kevin McGraw realized a technological change was essential for their company. They needed reliable, long lasting equipment. They replaced the unreliable products with Endress+Hauser’s electromagnetic flowmeters and pressure transmitters. The automated controls regulate the relationship between the biology and the mechanical processes to maximize the ABNR system’s treatment impact.


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