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Membrane Filtration

Providing OEM's with fit for purpose solutions

In the food and beverage industries, membrane filtration is state-of-the-art technology for clarification, concentration, fractionation, desalting and purification of a variety of beverages for a large variety of products. This technology delivers superior quality and safety for customers, while also reducing production steps and increasing yield for the manufacturer. Therefore, a reliable instrumentation partner is essential to enable membrane filtration suppliers to deliver these benefits.


By partnering with Endress+Hauser, an OEM can be assured of:

  • Comprehensive product portfolio makes standardization easy, simplifies integration and speeds up commissioning

  • Solutions tailored to your need and budget - from entry level products to high performance options

  • Digital integration to control systems for fast commissioning, access to diagnostics and secondary measurement variables

  • Life Cycle Management solutions with W@M Portal/Enterprise

  • Procurement solutions with ERP to ERP order integration, providing fast and easy ordering, reducing transactional costs

Delivering efficiency, quality and compliance

Membrane filtration suppliers have a responsibility to meet strict throughput requirements for their clients while also adhering to quality and regulatory standards.


Goals include:

  • Increasing yield

  • Enhancing product quality

  • Improving hygienic conditions

  • Increasing production flexibility

  • Reducing environmental impact

More information, better decisions

Digital communications and open, standard technologies enable customers to get more information from instrumentation and make more informed decisions. Digital integration into control systems allows for easy commissioning, access to diagnostics and additional measurement variables.

Feed flow measurement ensures filtration quality

Endress+Hauser flowmeters offer the accuracy and reliability needed to ensure quality around the clock. Sensor bodies are all SS316L to ensure long term reliability.

Membrane cross flow measured with pressure devices

Endress+Hauser offers standard metal membrane transmitters which are suitable for most applications. But, in some abrasive or corrosive media it may be necessary to have a ceramic membrane, which is a unique offering to Endress+Hauser.

Dosing of cleaning chemicals or microbial growth detection

Our pH sensors can be an important part of this process. We offer non-glas pH sensors with Memosens and Endress+Hauser unique solutions for data and sensor management.

Maintain temperature for optimal filtration

We offer unique QuickSens for quick response to temperature changes, for optimal filtration and reduced microbial growth.