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Product picture of resistance thermometer TR66

Explosion-proof Pt100 Thermometer

Safe monitoring of process temperatures in challenging applications e. g. in the Oil & Gas industry

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    • Technical Information (TI)

    TR66, TC66

    English version - 03/2020

    New version available in English

    Modular thermometer, explosion-protected, barstock thermowell,with thread or flange

    • Explosion Protection

    Product family: Accessories: RTD insert, Accessories: TC insert, PROCESS RTD DIRECT CONTACT, PROCESS RTD GENERALPURPOSE, Process RTD heavy duty, PROCESS TC DIRECT IN CONTACT, Process TC general purpose, PROCESS TC HEAVY DUTY

    Russian version - 02/2020

    New version available in English

    Product root: TC10-, TC12-, TC13-, TC15-, TC61-, TC62-, TC63-, TC65-, TC66-, TC88-, TPC100-, TPR100-, TR10-, TR11-, TR12-, TR13-, TR15-, TR24-, TR61-, TR62-, TR63-, TR65-, TR66-, TR88-, TSC310-, TST310- Protection: Ex d IIC T6...T1 Ga/Gb, 080~025 020 060 050|xxx, 080~070 020 040 005, Ex ia IIC T6...T1 Ga/Gb, 080~070 035 060 010|xxx, 080~070 035 060 015|xxx, 080~230 035 060 025|xxx, Ex ta/tb IIIC Txxx°C 015|xxx

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