New fluid measurement unit flows from partnership

Roughly $300K invested in new experimental unit for chemical engineering students at Rose-Hulman

A decade-long partnership between Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and Endress+Hauser is providing leading-edge industry-standard equipment to chemical engineering students preparing to solve some of the world’s toughest challenges.

Incorporating hands-on learning

The Department of Chemical Engineering’s new Fluid Flow and Process Measurements Experimental Unit incorporates 25 modern process instruments that measure flow, level, pressure and temperature across a piping network. These instruments communicate through a laboratory-wide distributed control system through four different digital communication tools. The system also includes 40 valves, 250 feet of stainless steel tubing and 300 feet of electrical and communication cables.

Investing in the future

The total investment by Endress+Hauser, Rose-Hulman and alumnus Mac Fehsenfeld is approximately $300,000 in monetary assistance, equipment and special computer software donations, installation coverage, faculty and staff training, and engineering and project management support. This new unit, part of the High Bay Laboratory in Olin Hall, will be used by students in the senior-year laboratory sequence, an advanced process control course, along with special projects and topics courses.

Partnering for success

Endress+Hauser’s partnership with Rose-Hulman began more than 10 years ago with equipment being donated for the Department of Chemical Engineering’s Unit Operations Laboratory.

“Our excellent laboratory facilities continue to provide students with practical, hands-on education in a dynamic, industrially relevant atmosphere. They are one of the key defining features of our world-class program,” said Adam Nolte, department chair.

Ensuring industrially relevant education

“Engineers, like those produced at Rose-Hulman, will be solving the world’s toughest challenges. Their skills transfer seamlessly to all of the realms of water purification and the manufacture of fuels, food and medicines,” stated Don Cummings, Endress+Hauser’s technical talent development manager. “We engage where we can help ensure that engineering education stays industrially relevant, and Rose-Hulman has always been very receptive to that concept.”

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Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Chemical Engineering Departments new lab ©Endress+Hauser

Chemical Engineering Department's new Fluid Flow and Process Measurements Experimental Unit.

Rose-Hulman ribbon-cutting of new Chemical Engineering lab ©Endress+Hauser

Pictured from left to right: Adam Nolte, Jim Conwell (University President), Don Cummings and Atanas Serbezov (Chemical Engineering Professor).

Soeakers gathered in front of the laboratory ©Endress+Hauser
Students at Rose-Hulman explaining their senior projects ©Endress+Hauser

Students gather around in the lab and provide explanations on their projects.