Liquiline CM44 featured by Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Endress+Hauser named as an All-Star Innovator

In a field where precision is vital, pharmaceutical companies are recognizing manufacturers who are offering innovative products that make their jobs easier and safer. Endress+Hauser is proud to be among a group of elite manufacturers named "All-Star Innovator" by Pharma Manufacturing in 2014. The magazine recognized the Liquiline CM44 Multichannel Transmitter as a top prospect in the pharmaceutical industry for its EtherNet/IP capability, hot plug and play recognition, and device scalability.

Why is the CM44 an All-Star?

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The CM44 is used in liquid processing lines and for measuring and processing variables. What exactly elevates it to All-Star Innovator status? The CM44 uses one standard network - EtherNet/IP - rather than a complex multi-level networking strategy. This allows for easier monitoring of overall performance and trouble shoot out-of-margin conditions.

EtherNet/IP: A Homerun Innovation

Endress+Hauser is one of very few instrumentation manufacturers that has EtherNet/IP. This allows operators to perform maintenance checks and access instrument diagnostics and real time information from PAC, PLC, or PC without going through the whole fieldbus procedure. Fieldbus involves a six step process in order for the operator to look at diagnostic data. With EtherNet/IP, overhead can be easily avoided and operators can acquire data directly from an instrument over an Ethernet cable.

Liquiline CM44 ©Endress+Hauser
Liquiline CM44 ©Endress+Hauser
Liquiline CM44 open ©Endress+Hauser
Liquiline CM44 ©Endress+Hauser