Prowirl 200 Vortex Flowmeter for Energy Measurement

Meter measures flow, mass flow and temperature of steam, saturated steam, gases and liquids

Endress+Hauser introduces the Prowirl 200 vortex flowmeter for measuring mass and energy flow of wet, saturated and superheated steam—plus gases, liquids and cryogenic fluids—at temperatures from -328 to 752 ºF and pressures up to 3,625 psi. The flowmeter measures virtually every steam flow parameter of interest, making it suitable for use in industrial, building, utility and power generation applications.

One device for energy measurement

The Prowirl 200 measures volume flow, mass flow, flow velocity, corrected volume flow, energy flow, heat flow difference, calculated saturated steam pressure, steam quality, condensate mass flow, Reynolds number and temperature. It also has three Totalizers. The calculated values for mass flow and corrected volume flow depend on the specific steam states for superheated steam, saturated steam or wet steam.

Reduced energy costs and increased safety

When measuring mass flow, the Prowirl 200 has a wet steam detection feature that monitors condensate in the steam as condensate can reduce energy and cause safety issues. When it detects condensate, the Prowirl 200 triggers an alarm if steam quality drops below 80%. In applications involving superheated steam, the Prowirl 200 can trigger a saturated steam alarm when the value approaches the saturation curve.

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Prowirl 200 wins Flow Control award


The Proline Prowirl 200 Vortex Flowmeter has been honored as one of this year's Flow Control Innovation Award Winners. Here is what some of the voters had to say:

  • "Cost savings that can be realized in the field."

  • "This product is the only one that relates true steam quality to the available energy we use."

  • "This product helps decrease waste of energy in steam pipes and can even warn the operator in case the process is out of control."

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