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Process Raman Gas Analysis in Ammonia Production & Refining

Process conditions for certain streams present challenges, Raman Spectroscopy provides solution

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On-line process measurement of the composition of gas streams in refining, fertilizer, and other manufacturing industries is essential for the optimal operation of different process units within these facilities. Process analyzers based on gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, and electrochemical technologies are commonly used in these facilities. However, process conditions for certain streams present major challenges for these traditional technologies. Raman spectroscopy provides a solution.

Raman spectroscopy case studies

Download the white paper to learn more about Raman spectroscopy. In the paper you will read about two case studies: one will be presented for the application of Raman spectroscopy to analyze syngas from the gasification of petcoke in a fertilizer plant and the second one will be presented for the analysis of hydrogen, hydrogen sulfide and other compounds in the hydrogen recycle in a refinery hydrotreater/hydrocracker and for hydrogen purity measurement in a hydrogen plant.