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Improve semi-regenerative catalytic reforming process

Critical monitoring of water and sulfur in the hydrogen recycle line can reduce maintenance and extend catalyst service life

natural gas analyzer at oil and gas plant

Oil refiners, going back to the earliest days of the industry, have found that breaking down crude oil into marketable fractions does not always result in high volumes of the most profitable products. For example, conventional thermal cracking may create far more naphtha and high-molecular weight fractions than can be sold, while leaving demand for more profitable high-octane gasoline blending components unfilled.

TDLAS analyzer technology is proven accurate and reliable

TDLAS analyzer technology for H₂S and H₂O measurements in this and other hydrocarbon processing applications has proven itself highly accurate and reliable over the long term, even in hostile operating environments. The results of higher unit availability with increased production revenues, combined with reduced operating and maintenance costs, should clarify the decision-making process when selecting an analyzer technology.