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Free Chlorine Analysis System

EPA compliant free chlorine measurement using amperometric sensor technology eliminates reagents

Free Chlorine Analysis Systems (FCAS) provide turn-key panel-mounted solutions for free chlorine measurement. These systems incorporate a Memosens amperometric free chlorine probe and a Memosens pH probe for accurate and reliable measurement. Each panel is designed with a Liquiline transmitter, either a CM442 for up to two sensor input channels and two analog outputs or a CM444 transmitter with two analog outputs and the ability for multiple sensor input channels and additional I/O.

Free Chlorine Analysis System ©Endress+Hauser

System design

A FCAS panel is comprised of an amperometric free chlorine sensor and a pH probe mounted in a integrated flow assembly (Flowfit CCA250), sensor cables and a Liquiline transmitter (either the CM442 or CM444). An integral flow switch mounted in the flow assembly monitors for proper system flow and provides an alarm through the transmitter if flow is interrupted.

Enclosure rating

The transmitter has a NEMA 4X (IP66) rating and all other components are water-proof, for installation indoors, outdoors or in an enclosure.

Integrated flow assembly and pressure regulation

  • Designed to properly hold chlorine and pH probes

  • Built in needle valve for flow control between 30 and
    120 L/hour

  • Inductive low flow alarm switch indicates when flow is
    too low for proper measurement

  • Pressure regulator to maintain constant measurement

Liquiline and Memosens® technology

  • Memosens sensors eliminate problems associated with
    analog sensor technology

  • Liquiline transmitter in two or four channel version with
    a range of I/O simplifies control system integration

  • Optional Memobase Plus hardware and software enables
    intelligent sensor management


  • EPA compliant according to Method 334.0

  • Reagent-less system using amperometric free chlorine measurement

  • Easy DPD testing with built-in test valve and pH compensated measurement ensures accurate DPD verification

  • Inlet and outlet valves allow isolation for routine sensor maintenance

  • Learn more about this solution by downloading our brochure!