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Smart scale energy solutions for compressed air systems

Reduce costs with improved system performance

Compressed air systems are complex systems and often "grow over time”. With constant system monitoring using meaningful KPIs, operators, supervisors and management are kept informed and constructive energy management is possible. As up to 85% of total costs of a compressed air system are energy costs, investment in measurement and system equipment pays off. We help you to reach your targets with our smart scale energy solutions for compressed air systems.

Compressor efficiency

The key to evaluate the compressor performance is the specific power or air consumption. It is the basis to:

  • Benchmark compressors and optimize their use

  • Optimize control system/load profile

  • Assess system/performance improvements

Apart from efficiency calculation the compressors power consumption indicates load/idling times which have a significant influence on energy costs. Another parameter of greatest importance for the compressor and system performance is the pressure.

System balancing and leakage

Typical plants have a leakage rate of 20-30% of the total compressed air production capacity. In well maintained systems this loss can be reduced to less than 10%. By using flow measurement at different points in the air systems balancing can be used to calculate leakage loss “in time” and thus:

  • Detect and repair disruptions or leakages

  • Avoid operation loss

  • Avoid longer compressor runtime

  • Reduce maintenance and increased unscheduled downtime

  • Avoid adding unnecessary compressor capacity

Air consumption

The allocation of energy usage to specific areas and processes is one of the key factors for energy management systems (e.g. ISO 50001) and precondition for transparent bookkeeping. The exact measurement of air consumption per unit of product is also helpful to optimize production processes. Furthermore the data are suitable for a carbon footprint evaluation.

Analyzing systematically

Improving compressed air system performance requires a systematic approach analyzing both the supply and demand sides of the system. This is the prerequisite for any kind of cost reduction using energy management.
Define the right KPIs which help you to evaluate:

  • Compressor efficiency

  • System balancing and leakage

  • Specific energy consumption

This is the precondition for energy management and cost reduction.

  • compressor in a compressed air application ©Endress+Hauser

    Define the right KPIs which help you to evaluate the compressor efficiency

  • Leakage of compressed air ©Endress+Hauser

    Leakage of compressed air causes inefficient compressed air system performance

  • ©Endress+Hauser
  • Monitoring the system with a data manager to get visualized process values ©Endress+Hauser

    Monitoring the system with a data manager to get visualized process values

  • Pressure cleaning in the food productcion ©Endress+Hauser

    Pressure cleaning in the food production

  • Service technician at a compressed air system ©Endress+Hauser

    Service technician at a compressed air system

  • direct mass flow measurement in a compressed air system with t-mass 65I ©Endress+Hauser

    Direct mass flow measurement in a compressed air system with Proline t-mass 65I

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