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Measuring the level of bulk solids stored in silos

Guidance on how and where to use guided wave radar, ultrasonic or pulse radar

Silos for storage of bulk solids ©Endress+Hauser

Guided wave radar, ultrasonic and pulse radar are time-of-flight technologies and used to detect level y measuring the time it takes for a microwave or ultrasonic signal to be sent, reflect from the surface of the material being measured, and return to the instrument. Measuring the level in silos used to hold bulk solids can pose challenges. Download the white paper to learn what our experts say when and where you should use these technologies.

Learning the technologies

Like mentioned above, measuring the level of bulk solids in storage silos can be challenging. Learn more about:

  • Guided wave radar (GWR)

  • Ultrasonic radar

  • Pulse and FMCW radar

  • Advanced diagnostics and how it helps improve measurements

  • Beam angle and frequency and what that means when selecting the proper technology