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E-direct complements our traditional offering by providing you with a quick, effective way to purchase easy-to-configure, entry-level instrumentation.

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CSI Bid Specifications

CSI Product Bid Specifications

Complete specifications for our core products to help engineering companies with project plans

Download Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) specs for flow, level, pressure, analytical, registration and component product lines.


  • All specifications follow CSI master formatting guidelines with standard titles, document numbers and sections for easy integration into your design/project plans.

The CSI bid specifications in bold text below are typically used in core W/WW applications.

Flow products - Coriolis

Promass I 100

Promass A 300

Promass E 300

Promass F 300

Promass H 300

Promass I 300

Promass O 300

Promass P 300

Promass Q 300

Promass S 300

Promass X 300

Promass A 500

Promass E 500

Promass F 500

Promass H 500

Promass I 500

Promass O 500

Promass P 500

Promass Q 500

Promass S 500

Promass X 500

Promass 83A EtherNet/IP

Promass 83A HART

Promass 83F EtherNet/IP

Promass 83F HART

Promass 83I HART

Cubemass C 300

Cubemass C 500

Flow products - Electromagnetic, Ultrasonic, Thermal, Vortex


Promag P 200

Promag H 200

Promag H 300

Promag P 300

Promag L/W 400

Promag H 500

Promag P 500

Promag W 500

Promag 55S


Prosonic B 200

Prosonic 93C

Prosonic 93P

Prosonic 91/93W

Prosonic E 100

Thermal mass

t-mass 65F/I

t-mass A/B 150


Prowirl 200

Level products

Radar/Guided Wave Radar

Levelflex FMP51/52/54

Levelflex FMP55

Micropilot FMR50/51/52

Micropilot FMR56

Micropilot FMR57

Micropilot FMR10-20


Prosonic FMU4x

Prosonic FMU90F


Liquiphant FTL50/51

Pressure products

Absolute and Gauge

Cerabar T PMP21

Cerabar M PMP51

Cerabar S PMC51

Cerabar S PMC71

Cerabar S PMP71


Deltabar S PMD70/75

Deltabar M PMD55

Deltabar FMD71/FMD72

Deltabar FMD77


Waterpilot FMX21

Analytical products

CM44x Transmitter

CA80AM Ammonia Analyzer

CA80CR Chromate Analyzer

CA80PH Orthophosphate Analyzer

CA80FE Iron Analyzer

CA80NO Nitrite Analyzer

CA80TP Total Phosphorus Analyzer

CSF34 Sampler

CSF48 Sampler

CA72TOC Analyzer

CAS40D ISE w/ CM44x

CAS51D Viomax w/ CM44x

CCS142D Chloromax w/ CM44x

CLS50D Indumax w/ CM44x

COS61D DO w/ CM44x

CUS51D Turbimax w/ CM44x

CUS52D Turbimax w/ CM44x

CUE22 Turbidity Instrument

CUS71D Sludge Level w/ CM44x

pH/ORP w/ CM44x

CCS50D Chlorine Dioxide

Temperature products

TH13 Temperature Assembly

Registration and asset management products


Ecograph T RSG35

Memograph M RSG40

Memograph M RSG45

Plant Asset Management

W@M Lifecycle Management System


Field Xpert SMT70

Rockwell Automation Specifications

Click here to find specifications for Rockwell Automation products


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